10 Signs the bad driver might be you

We like to think we’re the perfect driver. Infallible, and everyone else on the road is the inferior driver. Unless you’re a former professional racing driver its likely there are better, and worse, sharing the road with you. But in case you’re worried now, we’ve put together a list of 10 signs the bad driver might be you

1: Queues of cars looking to overtake.

You’re the first car in a long line and started noticing a lot of cars are overtaking you every chance they get.

2: You get beeped at a lot

You’re not sure why but cars are constantly beeping you and making eye contact. At lights, at junctions, anywhere really.

3: Your car has lots of dents and scrapes

Driving through the supermarket car park and every car looks in better shape than yours. Dents, scrapes and scratches are your cars unique paintwork designed by you.

4: It takes you ages to park the car

Coming back to getting beeped at, it seems no one has patients anymore. It’s only taking you 20 minutes to park, what’s their rush?

5: You get undertaken on a motorway

Yes, it’s illegal to undertake a car at speed. But we can understand (but not condone) if they’ve been stuck behind you at half the speed limit for ages.

6: You keep getting pulled over and ticketed.

You’ve got more points on your licence than numbers on a lotto ticket.

7: Road rage is an issue you struggle with

Can’t go one journey without the blood boiling? It might not be the fault of the drivers around you

8: Multiple people have told you that your driving scares them.

If people are unwilling to be passengers in your car, it’s a pretty telling sign.

9: Your insurance rate is through the roof.

Every claim you’ve had to make really starts to add up. Your insurance has steadily doubled, tripled and more.

10: You’re often on your phone while driving

Often having to juggle between holding the phone and changing gears? It might be contributing to some other points on this list

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