5 Worst Things That Can Happen In The Car Park

I find a busy car park quite stressful. Lots of cars in one place and no real course for them to follow. People are walking around and cars blindly reversing out of spaces. You might have to worry about car door dings and scrapes too. A quick trip to the local shopping centre can seem so easy until it ends it parking meltdown. Watch out for these blunders and avoid calamity on your next shopping trip!


That dreaded crunch and scrape. Whether you’ve done the damage and panic or you’re coming back to a sizeable chunk of your car damaged and no note in site it’s extremely frustrating. If you’ve done the damage always take a photo and leave a note. Make sure you’ve a photo of the licence plate of the car too.


Maybe a direct result of the collision that’s just happened but arguments and shouting matches are too common in parking lots. Everyone driving is (technically anyway) and adult. So it’s best to act and talk like one and not let the blood boil. Shouting and screaming won’t achieve anything!

Too Tight To Fit

We’ve all been there though it’s completely our own fault. After driving up and down the lanes you nose into a parking spot, squeezing in and… you can’t even open your door to get out. Back out it is and search for another spot.

Boxed In

infinitely worse than just parking in a spot too tight to fit is someone else carelessly blocking you in. Either by parking on double yellow lines or actually parking across your spot and completely blocking you. It’s maddening and bound to raise the temper. We’d advise to contact the owner of the car park. Either the shopping centre or if it’s contracted out there should be signs posted. They often have a towing service for just this occasion. You weren’t the first and won’t be the last to get boxed in, just take some pleasure in knowing the other persons day is going to be much worse when their car is gone!


Car parks are notoriously tight spots. There’s always walls and bollards lower that the height of most bonnets. Kerbs that can be impossible to see. All of them are hiding and just waiting to jump in front or behind your car.

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