6 Of The Worst Passengers To Drive With

When it comes to driving with different passengers, we’ve seen them all, from a nagging friend to an overly anxious partner. Undoubtedly, their behaviour can get too distracting most of the time. You may have the certificate of being the safest driver, but with one of these worst passengers to drive with could still drive you crazy and even be an unsafe distraction.

Drivers always encounter difficult passengers over their lifetime. While some passengers exhibit disruptive or loud behaviour, others are totally non-cooperative. Either way, the driver’s journey becomes a living hell.

Everyone talks about bad drivers, but it’s not always the driver’s fault. Sometimes passengers can show the worst behaviour, making it hard for drivers to park their cars properly or drive safely. 

So, who are the worst passengers to drive with? This article will shed light on who to watch out for. 

1. The Overly Talkative 

Having a casual conversation while driving is harmless. However, if you are riding with a person who would love to start a debate on the trending topics, it might become a problem. 

An overly talkative passenger can just talk about anything in the world, from cursing the unjust system to bashing the corporate world. The problem is that they also want the answer to everything they say, which can take your attention off the road. 

Even if they are not interested in a heavy debate, they will comment on every car, pass-by, and billboard. In short, they just won’t keep their mouths shut. The worst part is that even if you nod and ignore them, they will find a way to have a dramatic conversation on the phone to distract you from driving. 

2. The Uninvited Guide 

We all know how the person riding shotgun always has a few driving techniques to share. But it can be a bit annoying when they turn into a complete driving teacher. 

Such uninvited guides will tell you when to push the brakes, when to turn left or right, and how you are holding the steering wheel the wrong way. These constant instructions are annoying and can also take away your confidence. 

These uninvited guides could be the world’s best drivers, but they are just passengers right now. Unfortunately, that’s something they fail to understand. This makes them one of the worst types of passengers, as they can overwhelm the driver, resulting in accidents. 

Even when these uninvited guides sit in the backseat, they don’t stop giving directions. Therefore, asking them to stop at the first piece of advice can help you focus on the road. 

3. The Chaotic Mess

Everybody knows that a car is not the best place for snacking. The unwanted smell of food and crumbs scattered on the dashboard ruins the driving experience. Besides, spillages on the material can damage the appearance of the car. 

However, this one “chaotic mess passenger” will have an entire meal in your car. Whether they munch on a bag of barbecue chips or have celery with vegan dips, they will make your car dirty. 

Food crumbs can also invite bugs and pests to your car that are enough to ruin your car’s interior. So make sure to have a no food policy with passengers like these in your vehicle. You can always stop in to a petrol station for snacks on the way. Or just get gummy bears, no crumbs, no problem!

4. The Human Brake 

Yes, you read it right. This kind of passenger is the human form of a brake. They will ask you to stop at ten different points, whether it is a shopping mall, a meal at a restaurant, picking up some groceries, or taking pictures. 

Your call will stop at every mile for one thing or another. These passengers will drag your 10-minute drive to an hour-long drive which can be pretty tiring. It is impossible to have a quick trip to the local market with a person like that. 

Setting straight boundaries might help avoid this situation. For example, discuss that you can not drive around for hours for different things as it can mess up your schedule. 

5. The Confused Navigator 

Some people can not give directions even with Google maps. They will always be confused about whether to turn left or right. For example, they will ask you to turn right at the last moment when you have missed a lane, leading to an even longer route. 

Their directions will be based on guesses rather than actual landmarks and memory. If you are with a passenger like this, you are in for the ride of the whole town, but not the fun kind. 

The constant stress of missing the right lane and getting lost in unknown streets is nothing to feel happy about. Such confused navigators can increase your stress levels in a few seconds, which is not healthy, especially while driving. 

6. The Heavy Sleeper 

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon that a sleeping passenger can induce sleepiness in the driver? Yes, it actually happens. While that might sound exaggerated, science proves that a sleeping passenger does affect the driver. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the snoring might distract you while you’re awake. This situation becomes even more annoying when you take a friend for a long trip, but they end up sleeping throughout the ride. 

In such situations, you can quickly get bored and tired of driving with no company at all. Even if they do stay awake, they will be lazing around with their feet on the dashboard. That’s quite dangerous.

No matter which of these passengers you have encountered in your lifetime, we know it can be pretty distracting. Unfortunately, many more types of bad passengers can make driving even harder. 

Being the designated driver is a tough job for any friend or family member, and they should be appreciated for their efforts. The ideal way to get out of this situation is to talk to the passenger about their behavior and find a middle ground. This will ensure you a peaceful ride without any external stress.

Lastly, always wear a seatbelt and drive safe to ensure a safe ride for you and your passenger. Have a safe journey!

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