6 Reasons to Drive a Vintage car

The automobile industry is advancing at a rapid speed. Each year, we see new versions of cars with ever more modern features. Soon enough cars will be driving themselves down the road and you won’t have to lift a finger to drive to work.

While this progress seems impressive, we can’t deny the simple pleasure that driving was in the old days. Driving a modern sports car can be an exhilarating, but expensive, way of getting connected to the road properly. But a cheaper option for the same thrill is to go vintage, especially if you are a fan of classic cars. Driving a vintage car will give you that rush and excitement of driving, dropping gears and flooring the accelerator.

So, if you are considering a vintage car, here are seven good reasons you would enjoy it: 

They’re just Cool

Way back when cars were designed to last and featured a practical design in every aspect. They were easy to use and had a timeless aesthetic that was made to last. Driving a vintage car down the road will get some heads turned. 

The car’s elegant, old school, design can also be a conversation starter in a parking lot, whether it’s a meet and greet or just your local Aldi parking lot for Sunday Shopping. An old but well-kept vintage car is something to flaunt and show, and just makes you feel cool (maybe not so much if you’re driving an old Rover or Vauxhall).

Art of keeping the Classic Alive 

Most appreciate history and good art or craftmanship. But only a few people in this world understand the importance of and are willing to put in the effort to both restore and keep that history and craftsmanship. Nowadays, most cars are manufactured and assembled by robots and industrial machines. However, years ago, cars were assembled with much more human touch and interactions. Though we’ll admit the quality control on them might have been lacking a little at the same time.

These cars symbolize true art and craftsmanship in designing a vehicle for everyday use. From the cozy interior to the durable engine and sophisticated exterior, a vintage car is an example of timeless class. A vintage is for you if you appreciate some history and classic artisanship. 

Perks of Vintage Car Community 

One of the biggest perks of having a vintage car is becoming part of the vintage car community. These clubs are organized by different organizations where people display or sell their vintage cars. Car lovers from different parts of the city or even the country participate in meet-ups and events. 

The vintage car community allows you to socialize based on your love of the classic cars and to swap knowledge and stories about other vintage vehicles. Vintage car meetups are a great way to find like-minded people and grow your passion for old cars. It’s also a great way to experience the drive of different vintage cars if you’re lucky enough and friendly enough with others in such communities. 

A Simple Driving Experience 

Vintage cars do not only have a simple but sophisticated design but also uncomplicated driving. These cars might have loud engines, but they are quite simple to drive. There’s little in the way of electronics to break, no sat nav or infotainment systems and, for or better or worse, no parking sensors either! 

It’s not just the lack of complicated systems that make driving vintage that bit simpler, the rest of the car is as uncomplicated. More and more cars these days are going automatic. It makes sense, they’re more economical and easier to drive. But a vintage car will make you shift through each and every gear as you wind through the Irish country roads. It gives a real sense of feeling the car as it drives. 

National Car Test (NCT)

In Ireland, all cars of a certain age must undergo a National Car Test that proves the car is worthy of being on the road. Every 2 years after the car’s 4th birthday and every year at 10 years old. The NCT can be strict, especially on older cars which can rust easily in the wet Irish climate. 

In Ireland a car is vintage once it hits 30 years old and any vintage car that’s 40 years old or more, is exempt from the NCT. This means only for the first 10 years of its vintage years the car will still have to pass the normal NCT. However, like any car the owner is always required by law to keep the car in good road condition even after 40 years. 

Road Tax & Insurance

For a modern car your road tax is based on your emissions such as CO2 and NOX, the more you emit, the more you pay in road tax. Vintage cars are thankfully exempt from this emissions-based tax and are given a special tax band of just €56 a year. 

Insurance is more good news for the vintage car. According to research undertaken in 2006 by the Irish Vintage and Veteran Car Club (IVVCC), 88 percent of historic vehicles in Ireland are used less than three times a week, while 78 percent travel no more than 2,000km a year. Insurance companies know this so , insurance for vintage cars can be much cheaper than expected.  

Vintage cars are a work of art for us. Their attention-grabbing classic designs with a simple driving experience to match are what any car lover can understand. You don’t necessarily have to be a vintage car enthusiast to own one. 

If you want to save some money while still having a great ride to work, a vintage car might be the best option. When it comes to vintage cars, find ones that look best to you, they’re not for economic city driving, they’re for admiring.

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