Best Cars For Cheap Insurance

Insurance has been on the rise for many years in Ireland. The high costs can be a large barrier of entry for many drivers getting on the road for the first time. While there’s some promise of premiums dropping soon or over the next few years, don’t expect for first time drivers’ premiums to drop toa few hundred euro. Drivers can, unfortunately, expect to pay thousands for their first year of driving provisionally. But which car you drive has a huge impact on the costs, so searching for the best cars for cheap insurance can help your wallet hugely.

What affects your insurance?

Many different factors affect peoples insurance premiums. Things such as age, history of driving, how long you’ve had your licence, and what car your driving. For a first time driver there’ll be little to no history of driving claim free and you won’t have had your learning drivers permit long at all. The car you choose then is the one thing you can change to get your insurance reduced as much as possible. The normal rule of thumb is the smaller the car the cheaper the insurance. But well run through some suggestions below to get you started.

Which car for the cheapest insurance.

This list isn’t exhaustive but it’s a good start. Third party fire and theft insurance is often cheaper than fully comprehensive. Choosing an older, cheaper small car can let you get away with just third party cover, but it’s a balance, some insurance companies have a limit to how old of a car they’ll insure. The best bet is to have some ideas of cars and a budget, and then call around to get quotes.  

Car insurance companies group their cars into 50 different groups. The lower the group usually the lower the insurance. Here’s a few cars in the lowest 5 groups to start you off.

Fiat Panda

No longer sold new in Ireland the Fiat Panda was very a very popular small hatchback in its time. Going for a 2015 year the Fiat Panda might cost you around €6,000. For that you’ll get a small 1.1 or 1.2L petrol engine ideal for short city driving and quick trips to work or to the shops. As with all the cars in this list the Panda’s small engine and compact size will reduce the insurance costs considerably compared to some other cars. This car is perfectly suited for tight parking and short trips.

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is still on the market in Ireland and has gotten a number of updates over the years to keep it selling well. There’s a wide range of years and trim models available to match most budgets, unlike the Fiat Panda which hasn’t been nearly as popular in recent years. The Fabia will be a bit pricier than the Fiat Panda. With the Fabia there’s more choice on the market from 1.0L petrol engines to 1.6L diesel engines. If you think you’ll be doing many miles and motorway driving, steer towards the diesel with its better economy and lower fuel price. For the extra price over the panda you’ll get a slightly roomier car, better reliability and it should hold its value just a little better. With plenty of cars on the market the parts market is full.

Opel Corsa

Even more popular than the Skoda Fabia the Opel Corsa can be seen daily on Irish Streets, and for good reason. Imported in large numbers as the Vauxhall Corsa from the UK the price of this car can be much cheaper due to the reduced costs from buying in the UK. The Corsa is a mid budget car and is regularly imported from the UK in either petrol or diesel options for whichever suits your use case. €6-8,000 for a 5 or 6 year old car and cheaper insurance than the like of a VW Golf makes this car a very popular starter car. As with most cars in this list it comes in a 1.1L petrol to 1.6L diesel range. Because the car is so popular getting spare parts shouldn’t be any problem over the life of your ownership.

Volkswagen Polo

Possibly the post popular car on this list the Volkswagen polo has been popular in Ireland for years and continues to be. A less than 10 year old car might only set you back less than €5,000. Again the parts market for this car is great with so many of them on Irish roads. The Polo has had a variety of engines sizes from 1.0L petrol’s to the usual 1.6L Diesels, however most common are 1.1L and 1.2L petrol engines.

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