How to book Your First Driving Test

Starting the journey to getting yourself on the road can seem tough. The expenses can pile up, from the car, to insurance to the lessons. The sooner you get a full licence the quicker the insurance costs drop, and you gain some extra freedom. But getting your full driving licence can be a long road with a few hoops to jump through first. For the most part they’re easy and straightforward with little to trip you up. We’ll go through some things to know and consider here.

Before Applying

When you decide it’s time to get yourself on the road there’s a few steps to take first. You’ll need to take and pass your theory test. Once you’ve passed your theory test you can apply for a driving permit here. You’ll need to hold this for 6 months and complete 12 1-hour long essential drivers training lessons with an approved instructor. Most instructors are approved but you can check which ones are approved in your area on our database.

Once you have these two requirements fulfilled and your logbook is filled out by your instructor you can apply on the RSA website here. The wait times range from weeks to months but there is a cancellation list which is quicker but with less warning.

Manual Vs automatic

Many cars on Irish roads are automatic these days and the numbers are increasing. If you’re young and looking to use your parent’s cars they may even be automatic. But it’s important to keep in mind that if you take a driving test in an automatic car, you’ll only be licenced to drive automatic cars in the future. This can limit your choice of cars for buying and for renting further down the line. Because of this most instructors’ cars are manual this shouldn’t be an issue while you do your 12 EDT lessons. But if your parents car is automatic it may be beneficial to you in the future to take the test in the instructors car instead, even if it’ll cost you the price of another lesson.

Preparing for the test

You’ve done your lesson, booked your test and now you’re waiting for the test date. What now? We’ve covered how to prepare for the day of your test in more detail in our article here. The general requirements are ensuring you have all the documents you need for the day ready and make sure your car is ready too. This includes valid NCT disk, working lights etc.

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