Old cars are the best cars

Do you have an old car, or are you planning to buy one? Yes, a vintage car looks classy, but it comes with some pros and cons that you must weigh before investing your money. Despite being cheaper, old cars are usually hard to insure and expensive to tax and must pass maintenance and inspection tests. 

If we look at the situation from a car’s perspective, it isn’t easy being an old car. With all the insurance restrictions, old technology, and miles, you barely get to find anyone willing to invest in you. 

But let us tell you, getting an old car is not as bad as it sounds. So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about old cars and how to use them to their maximum potential. 

Advantages of an Old Car 

People prefer keeping their old cars or buying old, used cars because they come with many benefits. Here are the top pros of an old vehicle: 

They are Cheap 

Used, old cars are 50% cheaper than using newer models. If you buy an old car, you can get it at half the price or less, depending on the seller and the model of the vehicle. Even if you have a budget for a new car, you can buy two old cars at the same price if you have more family members. 

Low Customization Cost 

New cars charge a hefty amount at the showrooms for add-ons. With an old version, you can customise the interior and exterior of your vehicle at a relatively lower cost on your own. In addition, there are a variety of options online that you can choose from and upgrade your car without breaking your bank. 

Less Annual Registration Fees 

In most parts of the world, the registration fee of your car depends on your car’s model. The newer your vehicle is, the higher its registration fees will be. Your registration fees will be lower if your vehicle is older. 

Disadvantages of an Old Car 

While there are many advantages of keeping an old car, it comes with its share of cons. Here are the problems that you may face with an old car: 

No Warranty 

Old cars usually come with little or no warranty. When a seller sells their car, they sell it as it is, which means more than half of the warranty period has passed or ultimately expired. However, some used car showrooms will sell it with an added warranty that you will have to pay for. 

Difficult to Get it Insured 

Most Insurance companies in Ireland will not provide insurance for 10 to 15 years old cars. That’s because they require more maintenance and pose a greater risk of accidents. Therefore, it is difficult to get full insurance for such vehicles. However, Some companies provide insurance for older cars, but they are more expensive. 

Even young people without money get penalised for not being able to afford a newer car, mainly because of the very high taxes and insurance of older cars.

Equipped with Old Technology 

Lastly, old cars are equipped with old technology that does not provide you with advanced features like in newer models. For example, older cars may not have a touch screen system to control the vehicle or automatic transmission for an easy drive. 

Classic Car Insurance 

You can get a special, classic car insurance policy if you want to collect and drive older cars. You’ll get all the protection options against third-party theft and damage, accidents, or breakdowns. In addition, this insurance allows you to keep your old car for as long as you want. 

Old Car Maintenance Tips 

If you plan to keep an old car, you have to be extra careful about its maintenance. With proper care and consistent maintenance, you can keep your old car in the best condition. Follow these tips to maintain an old car: 

Pay Attention to Your Brakes 

Brakes are the first thing that can get damaged in an old car. So get your brakes checked professionally every month to prevent any accidents on the road. Also, if your brake fluids are leaking, you need to get them checked immediately. 

Check Your Fuel Line 

Always examine your fuel line before hitting the road. There should not be any leaks from your fuel line. Once you cross 10,000 miles, you need to change your fuel filter. 

Inspect All Your Tires 

Old tires are more prone to getting flat and leaking the pressure inside. Underinflated tires can cause a vehicle to get imbalanced and involved in a collision. Therefore, it is vital to check all four tires before driving. Furthermore, always keep a spare tire in your car’s trunk for emergencies. 

Focus on the Battery 

If you have purchased an old car, the battery should be the first thing you should check. Unfortunately, these batteries are also out of warranty, so you will have to get a new one if it is not working. On the other hand, clean your battery every month to prevent rust and corrosion if the battery is working fine. 

Examine the Belts 

Seat belts are responsible for your security on the road, so most countries legally enforce the drivers and passengers to wear seat belts. However, loose, broken, or weak seat belts can be a significant risk to your life. If your car is 10 to 15 years old, changing its seat belts is necessary. 


Keeping an old car is no easy task. A few repairs might need your attention, and you simply can’t flaunt the outdated technology. However, the meagre cost of the car beats all the cons. 

With the help of proper maintenance, you can keep your old car in the best condition and use it for more years than expected. Most people even prefer classic cars or vintage cars to showcase their interests. However, those cars also require specific insurance and maintenance to stay in a working condition. 

Make sure to give enough love to your ageing car so it can hit the road for years to come. 

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